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"Simplicity leaves more to the imagination.

I love this particular art form not only because of the human brain's perception of physical changes around us, but it also integrates some of the greatest technological advances with the a language that every human being on earth can understand."

My experience with audio and music goes back 15 years and with every experience I grow and learn more and more to this very day.


Born in Montreal, QC, I have slowly ventured my way across Canada, have seen and experienced a lot of what this beautiful country has to offer. I now call Vancouver, BC, my home.


Having always been a technical hands on person I dove into a technical world of music and sound at the young age of 13 and have been passionate ever since. Music has always been an integral part in my family which is the source for a large part of my inspiration and dedication.


My engineering studies began in 2004 and include a couple of different professional recording arts programs in Edmonton, AB and Vancouver, BC where I was able to learn every facet sound before pursuing engineering.


My ultimate objective is to learn as much as I possibly can, and to contribute to music across the globe.


I am now currently working independantly as a freelance recording engineer/mixer out of studios around Vancouver including Afterlife Studios, Armoury Studios, 604 Studios, Fader Master Studios, Warehouse Studios, The Beatlab Studio and more. I also work at Hipposonic Studios and The Farm Studios as house engineer and at Nimbus School for Recording Arts and Media as a teaching assistant. 

I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best producers, engineers and mixers in the industry including: Mike Fraser, Garth Richardson, Gordie Johnson, Tommy Mac, Bob Ezrin, Dave Ogilvie, Dean Maher, Howard Redekopp, Colin Linden, Ben Kaplan, Devin Townsend, Adam "Nolly" Getgood, Ian Thornley, Darren Grahn, Carly McKillip, Tom McKillip, John Webster and many more.  


Each day bring new light and I will continue to be more and more involved and connected within this great community.

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